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Portable Home & Car Brooders

We build three sizes of brooders for your babies. These brooders can plug into an outlet in your home or cigarette lighter in your car—converter not needed. Thermostat controlled. Temperature will regulate to within +/- 2 degrees after a 30-minute stabilization period. Safety control to avoid the possibility of over-heating. Plexiglass lid for easy viewing of the babies and access to them. Lid removes for easy cleaning. Fan keeps heated air circulating through the unit. Lifetime guarantee on all parts. Shipping by UPS ground unless otherwise directed. References available.

 Small Brooder   Medium Brooder

 Large Brooder

Small brooder (pictured top left) is $200.

Medium brooder (pictured top right) is $225.

Large brooder (pictured bottom left) is $250.


Small brooder: Dimensions - 13"x9"x11". Has a single pull-up handle.

Medium brooder: Dimensions - 19"x10"x12". Has a single pull-up handle.

Large brooder: Dimensions - 25 1/2"x14"x14 1/8". Handles on each end.


These brooders are light weight and durable. Sanitary - lids on the medium and large remove easily for cleaning. Converts easily from home to car. In case of power failure in the house, plug into your car cigarette lighter.



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